Fred Stangle, the man who has created 1000 leads from scratch, can motivate your sales force to be the best salespeople that they individually can be. He is the Co-Founder and President of Automotive Advertising Associates. An organization whose products are sold at Walmart, Amazon, regional merchants, and College Booksellers all over the country. He has created thousands of new accounts utilizing the oldest and simplest form of prospecting, Cold Calling. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama, and coaches’ sales teams of all sizes. He is a great speaker and can motivate your sales force to achieve individual and team goals that seemed unrealistic before. Mr. Stangle believes that a great salesperson can accomplish anything with the right mindset. He speaks about the importance of managing fear and what defines a great salesperson. Together, we can motivate your salesforce to sail to new heights. Let’s begin our journey together!