“Most people think “selling” is the same as “talking.” But the most effective salespeople know that “listening” is the most important part of the job.” – Roy Bartell

Meet the Man with a 1000 Leads!

I have created a 1000 leads from scratch and I would be delighted to teach your salesforce how they too can do the same! I speak about the importance of lead generation and creating interest with the prospect. I speak about focus and discipline with regards to prospecting. The purpose of my presentation is to motivate your sales force to not be afraid to ask for the order, and to help foster focus with regards to prospecting. I speak about rejection being ok. But a great salesperson does not let rejection bother them and seamlessly moves on to the next call.

It is often asked if the ability to sell is a skill or simply a talent that is refined over time. The answer is both. But with great sales training and experience, your sales force can hear the coveted, “Yes, I would like to purchase,” much more frequently. The components of a great salesperson are both skill, perseverance, and personality. It is the skill and motivational component of the equation that can be refined over time to transform your salesforce into individual sales dynamos. I work with organizations of all sizes and various types of industry, and I would welcome the opportunity to work closely with the development of your sales force.

Let Fred Stangle help grow your business and motivate your sales team!